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Family Law

We can help you in all areas of family law, including separation, parenting, divorce and children’s matters.

family lawyers & solicitors in Australia

Compensation Law

We can help you in all areas of compensation law, including work and road accidents and other claims.

compensation lawyers lawyers & solicitors in Australia

Estate Planning

We can help you in all areas of estate planning, including wills, powers of attorney and estate disputes and administration.

estate planning lawyers & solicitors in Australia

Business Law

We can help you in all areas of business law, including structuring and compliance

business lawyers & solicitors in Australia

Litigation & Disputes

We can help you in all matters relating to disputes, both commercial and personal.

business lawyers & solicitors in Australia

Criminal Law

We can help you in all areas of criminal law, from traffic offences through to serious and highly complex criminal law matters.

Criminal Lawyers & Solicitor Queensland

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We know at Harry Quinn that legal issues can be overwhelming. The last thing you need is another problem on top of your legal problem. That’s why we take all the guess work out of trying to find the best lawyer for your issue. Here are answers to our commonly asked questions.

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If you live in Sydney and are faced with a legal problem, you need to contact our Sydney Lawyers.

At Harry Quinn, we can take of your legal matter through the most simple to the most complex.

Our Sydney lawyers are an experienced team of dedicated lawyers ready to solve your legal matter today.

Sydney Family Lawyers

At Harry Quinn, our Family lawyers understand the emotional rollercoaster family law matters can be.

For this reason, we approach every matter with compassion and sensitivity to ensure you are looked after throughout the duration of the court proceedings.

Our family lawyers can help you with divorce applications, separations, prenuptial agreements and child custody disputes.

Our team of trained lawyers are renowned for their personalised advice to suit each individual and their needs.

Our Sydney lawyers will give you a strong representation in all family law disputes no matter how complex they may seem. In choosing us, you have our support.

Sydney Criminal Lawyers

Criminal convictions can pose serious risks to your future. Even if the conviction is minor, the consequences can result in inability to travel overseas and possibly limit future employment opportunities.

Seeking legal advice early on in your matter will likely secure a better outcome.

Our criminal lawyers can offer you guidance in all areas of criminal law as well as help you understand your rights.

At Harry Quinn, we understand the stress and uncertainty involved in facing a criminal conviction and are here to help.

Sydney Compensation Lawyers

In any instance involving injury or negligence, it is imperative that you contact our personal injury lawyers.

At Harry Quinn, we offer you great legal information to put your matter into context regarding all areas of compensation law and how to receive the maximum compensation.

The legal services offered by our personal injury lawyers are personalised to suit you and your specific case. We have built a powerful reputation of achieving great results for their clients

Sydney Employment Lawyers

Understanding your rights as an employee is one of the most important aspects of your financial security.

Being involved in a dispute with your employer can be difficult and unsettling. If the dispute is left unresolved, it is important that you seek legal advice immediately to ensure your rights as an employee are protected now and into the future.

Our employment lawyers will deal with your matter with discretion and professionalism to ensure your reputation is guarded and your rights are looked after.

Sydney Business Lawyers

If you are looking for a business lawyer who is committed to you and your business, our business lawyers are the people to see.

At Harry Quinn, we have the extensive legal knowledge and can help you address a full range of business law matters applicable to you.

We can help you with supplier agreements, superannuation, workplace obligations, employment agreements, workplace rights, intellectual property, business succession, trusts, succession planning, franchises and franchise advice, business duties, and other matters within the business law realm.

Our business lawyers will always ensure a prompt resolution to your matter is reached.

Sydney Wills and Estate Lawyers

At Harry Quinn, we will commonly assist clients with the creation of their Will and other important documents.

This usually involves guiding the client through the drafting phase of the Will to the distribution of their property.

Making a will is a lifelong commitment and our Estate Planning Lawyers are here to help you make the right decisions. Our Estate Planning Lawyers understand the emotion attached with losing a family member and thus, apply a common sense, practical and compassionate approach to all matters.

Our Estate Planning Lawyers are committed to solving all problems we are confronted with and most importantly, reducing the burden on your family regarding estate matters.

Our Sydney Lawyers

At Harry Quinn we believe, as you should too, that there is a direct correlation between great outcomes to your legal problem and your choice of lawyer.

Our Sydney Lawyers are leading New South Wales legal practitioners. Many of our lawyers are both award-winning and Accredited Specialists in their respective disciplines.

What this means for you, is that in seeking to resolve your legal matter with Harry Quinn, you have the very best lawyers on your side.

Sydney Lawyers FAQs

How to Get a Divorce in Sydney?

The Family Law Act of 1975 introduced the no-fault principle, which governs divorce in Australia. This means that the court does not need to know why the couple is divorcing; all it needs to know is that the marriage has irreversibly broken down.

When do I have to file for divorce in Australia?

You and your partner must have been apart for at least 12 months before filing for divorce in Australia. One of you must be an Australian citizen or a resident of Australia who considers Australia to be his or her home.

If you’ve been married for less than two years, you’ll also have to go to counseling to talk about the potential of reconciliation before filing for divorce.

You’ll need to show confirmation of your marriage. A marriage certificate is usually used for this. You will need to change it to English if it is in another language; but, if you don’t have a marriage certificate, our family law lawyers can help you obtain one.

Fill out your online divorce application – You can fill out your divorce application online using the Family Law Court website, which will walk you through the questions you’ll need to answer.

Submit the application online – After locking your application and paying the filing fee, you’ll be ready to go.

Inform your ex-spouse Following the completion of your application, you must notify your ex-spouse about the proceedings. You can prepare and file a joint application if your ex-spouse agrees to the divorce and is willing to sign the application. This implies you’ll have to sign the divorce petition together. If your ex-spouse refuses to divorce or is unaware of the situation, you must serve your divorce application on him or her. At least 28 days before the divorce hearing, you must give it to your ex-partner. Allow 42 days if they live in another country.

Determine whether or not you need to go to court. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not need to go to court. Continue reading to learn more!

When will the divorce be finalised?

After the hearing, the divorce is usually granted one month and one day later.

If you intend to remarry, you should wait until the divorce is finalised before making any plans. At the initial hearing, not all divorces are finalised.

In some cases, the court will need additional proof of the date of separation or that suitable arrangement for any children under the age of 18 have been made.

Will my children’s and property issues be resolved as well as the divorce?

A divorce does not resolve property disputes or issue formal parenting orders. These must be handled independently of the divorce.

Property and custody decisions can be made at any time following the separation and up to 12 months after the divorce is finalised.

At Harry Quinn, we can help!

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process of validating a deceased person’s Will. The court recognises the validity of the Will and the executor who is responsible for the estate and its assets when you receive a grant of probate.

When is it required to seek probate?

If the person who passes away leaves behind certain types of assets, probate may be necessary. If money is in a bank account and the person was the sole account holder, the bank may request that the person provides a grant of probate before releasing the funds to the Executor.

If the value of the funds exceeds a specific threshold, a grant of probate is required. Every bank institution will most likely have policies about deceased estates and how they are handled, so it’s essential to ask about your specific situation.

Probate may also be required in the following situations:

  • If the deceased person owned a large number of shares in a corporation, a grant of probate may be required.
  • If the deceased person was the sole owner of real estate, a probate grant may be required to transfer ownership. If there are two owners, the ownership of the property is passed to the second.

It’s worth mentioning that each state and territory has its own set of rules when it comes to probate, so check with your local Supreme Court.

Is a grant of probate required to access a superfund or life insurance policy?

To access cash in a super account or make a life insurance claim, you may require a grant of probate, just like bank accounts and shares. Life insurance isn’t normally included in a person’s estate plan, and beneficiaries are usually specified.

Depending on the insurance or superannuation fund, the person filing a claim or attempting to access the account may just need a few simple documents. A death certificate, a birth certificate, and medical records are examples of these documents.

Who needs to file a probate application?

In most cases where probate is required, the named executor is the one who files the application.

What is the procedure for obtaining probate?

The process of applying for a grant of probate differs depending on where you live in Australia. If you’re unsure, you should always check with your local court or get legal advice.

The process can be complicated. We can assist at Harry Quinn.

What is Workers’ Compensation, and how does it work?

WorkCover can compensate you if you suffer an injury, illness, or disease as a result of your job.

WorkCover covers injuries to employees, including part-time and casual workers, as well as subcontractors such as owner/drivers and agency nurses in many cases.

If you are a Commonwealth Government employee or an employee of a corporation licenced to operate under the Comcare scheme and are injured at work, you can file a claim for compensation through Comcare.

You can also seek compensation if your pre-existing injuries or disease reoccur, aggravate, accelerate, exacerbate, or deteriorate.

Workplace injuries, such as malignancies, strokes, asthma, heart disorders, and degenerative illnesses, are frequently compounded or exacerbated. WorkCover is still responsible for this, and you may be entitled to compensation. WorkCover claims for severe stress are also possible.

WorkCover law is complicated, and you should obtain legal advice from one of our compensation experts at Harry Quinn to ensure your rights are protected.

Always seek legal advice before accepting a lump-sum payment from your insurer or employer.

You are entitled to compensation if you are injured at work, during any work-related travel, or during a work break. You do not need to establish culpability to collect this compensation, unlike other types of personal injury claims.

The Workers Compensation Act protects you against the financial consequences of your injury, whether they are medical costs or lost pay at work. To be eligible for workers compensation, you must be able to demonstrate that your workplace conditions were a “substantial contributing factor” in causing your injury, whether it was physical, mental, or psychological (such as severe stress or feeling overworked). If your principal source of income has died or been severely wounded as a result of a working accident, workers compensation will cover you.

The following are some examples of workplace injuries:

  • Cuts or broken bones
  • Lifting heavy stuff causes back pain.
  • Exacerbation of a pre-existing condition
  • Psychiatric problems that are directly related to your job (depression, feeling run down, stress)
  • A sickness brought on by poor working circumstances (diseases from breathing dust or asbestos)
  • Death as a result of a work-related injury or disease

If You Have a Workers’ Compensation Claim, Here’s What You Should Do

It’s critical that you obtain independent legal advice from our WorkCover workers’ compensation lawyers as soon as possible after the injury to ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best chance of pursuing a compensation claim.

Failure to do so could jeopardise your ability to file a compensation claim and your rights.

It’s vital to keep in mind that the insurance company handling your work injury claim is unable to provide you with impartial guidance.

Our team of compensation lawyers at Harry Quinn can help you with:

  • What scheme applies to your work injury case, if you’re eligible to file a claim, and what benefits are available to you
  • If your work injury claim contains negligence on the side of your employer and/or another person, you may be able to receive lump sum compensation for your injuries.

If this is the case, your lawyer may need to obtain more information for your workers’ compensation claim, including:

  • interviewing witnesses to the workplace accident
  • investigating work-related injury reports
  • enlisting specialists to provide an accident report for your workplace injury

In these types of cases, strict time limits apply, regardless of your situation or injury. It’s critical that an investigation be conducted early in the process, and that you call a lawyer like us for assistance in regaining control of your life.

What kind of compensation will I get?

Without knowing your specific circumstances, estimating how much compensation you might obtain after a workplace accident or injury is difficult. Once we know the circumstances of your case, your lawyer should be able to offer this.

In most cases, the difference between your life path before the workplace accident and your life route since the workplace injury is given a monetary value.

Is it necessary for me to hire a Sydney lawyers?

When filing a compensation claim, you can legally represent yourself. To do so successfully, you’ll need a thorough awareness of the law, your legal rights and entitlements, and a willingness to actively pursue the matter.

Most people who file WorkCover compensation legal claims hire a skilled compensation lawyer rather than representing themselves. Compensation lawyers with the necessary knowledge and experience can assist in guiding a case to a successful conclusion.

At Harry Quinn, our compensation lawyers offer clients a No Win Ne Fee offer, which substantially reduces the risk and the legal fees are largely an additional sum of compensation.

What is a Testamentary Trust?

Testamentary trusts are established by a will to provide beneficiaries more discretion over the transfer of assets. Testamentary trusts can offer tax benefits, making them a useful estate planning tool.

There are two types of testamentary trusts that are regularly used:

Testamentary trusts with discretion.

Through a testamentary trust, the executor allows the beneficiary to take part or all of their inheritance. The principal beneficiary has the authority to nominate and dismiss the trustee, as well as to administer their inheritance within the trust. Find out who the main players are in a discretionary testamentary trust.

Protective testamentary trusts

The beneficiary must receive their inheritance through the trust and has no power to nominate or dismiss trustees. If the beneficiary is unable to handle their inheritance owing to age, incapacity, or spendthrift habits, this option may be advantageous.

Testamentary trusts have a number of advantages.

The main advantages of testamentary trusts are their ability to protect assets and lower the amount of tax paid by beneficiaries on inheritance income.

Income splitting can help you save money on taxes.

If a recipient receives an inheritance in their own name, the income generated by the inheritance will be taxed at their own marginal tax rate.

Taking an inheritance through a testamentary trust may have significant tax advantages, especially if the beneficiary has:

  • a high personal marginal tax rate for minor children and grandchildren;
  • and/or a tax-free threshold of $20,542 for children or grandkids with no or low taxable income.
  • Keeping your assets safe
  • The protection and preservation of each beneficiary’s inheritance is a common and sensible goal for all Testators.
  • Claims on the beneficiary’s assets owing to marital or business breakdown due to waste and dissipation by the recipient.
  • When your assets move to your beneficiaries, testamentary trusts can help secure them.

At Harry Quinn, we can assist you in all matters relating to Testamentary Trusts.

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Best Sydney Solicitors

Sydney Lawyers at Beilby Poulden & Costello

Beilby Poulden Costello began as a legal practice in 1975, founded by Barry Beilby. The firm was a modest general practice that offered legal services in a variety of areas such as compensation law, family law, commercial law, property disputes, and sales and purchases. Since then, we’ve focused only on providing personal injury compensation.

In 1990, Courtenay Poulden joined the firm as a partner. When the practice combined with that of Flannery Mura & Costello, a firm specialising in compensation law, the business grew dramatically. Beilby Poulden Costello was formed from the merger, with Barry Beilby and Courtenay Poulden as partners. Scott Hall-Johnston joined the firm as a partner in 1997. In 2012, the firm expanded further by adding Mark Nelson as a partner, and in 2015, Kate Henderson was promoted to partner.

Best Lawyers 2023 Edition and Doyles Guide 2021 have recognised numerous lawyers within the firm as being Sydney’s best compensation lawyers.

Sydney Lawyers at Ethringtons

Etheringtons Solicitors is a law practice with offices in North Sydney. We’ve been offering expert advise and cost-effective solutions to the North Shore community for over 25 years.

We put your best interests first in everything we do. This includes ensuring that you are aware of your rights and obligations, as well as giving detailed and relevant counsel for your circumstances.

We have Accredited Commercial Litigation and Family Law Specialists on staff, as well as Skilled Business Law Practitioners.

Litigation requires the expertise of a professional. We’ll give you experienced legal advice, including a clear summary of your rights and duties, success prospects, and a cost estimate. Our Commercial Litigation Accredited Specialists can help you with every type of court case, including debt collection, negligence, misrepresentation, and partnership agreements.

Etheringtons’ team of skilled Family Solicitors, including Accredited Specialists, will guide you through a tough time by offering cost-effective solutions and mediation to help you resolve your problem. We have more than 25 years of expertise handling all aspects of family law, including divorce, child support arrangements, and property distribution.

At Ethringtons, our defamation lawyers can help you navigate the nuances of the law governing character defamation. If you are or have been defamed or sued, we provide possible settlements as well as aid in preparing and presenting your case.

We take a strategic approach to law, simplifying the complex and supporting you every step of the way to meet your goals.

Sydney Solicitors at GHS Legal

After finishing my degrees at Sydney University, I began practising law in July 1980. (Economics and Law).

I’ve always worked as a lawyer, primarily in Sydney’s central business district. I can interview clients in Port Macquarie and Forster by appointment.

I’ve been a partner in my own firm since July 1989.

Over the course of my nearly 40-year career, I’ve defended the legal rights of people from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.

I work out of new offices in Park St, Sydney, which are close to both bus and train stations.

My fees are frequently significantly lower than those of equally experienced lawyers in larger companies because I do not have large offices with hefty rents and large wages expenditures for junior solicitors (reduced overheads). After a settlement, lower fees mean more money in your pocket.

After the initial consultation, I do not refer my clients to junior solicitors. From our first contact through the conclusion of your case, I take a “hands on” approach to your claim. Until your claim is completed, you will only deal with me. You’ll be able to contact me via phone, email, and Skype.

Sydney Lawyers at Calvin Neslon & Associates

We are honoured to have received the Auburn Council City Business Award in 2010 and 2012 for offering the “best professional service” among all legal firms in the city, as well as being nominated for the 2013 Telstra Australian Business Awards. This confirms our solid reputation and respect, which we have acquired since 1960.

Our vision is to provide great services in an effective and timely manner, and earning the Business Award demonstrates our commitment to our clients’ objectives. We are a small organisation dedicated to offering high-quality personal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Since 1960, we have been able to provide practical assistance in straightforward English. We strive to provide practical legal solutions at an affordable price since your success is our success. To make your instructions easier, we offer realistic and practical guidance.

We get referrals from the Law Society, other lawyers, and current clients.

Sydney Solicitors at Chris Nadolkski and Associates

Chris Nadolski & Associates Solicitors and Public Notary is a law firm that has been serving the business community, public and private institutions, and individuals for more than 30 years. Wills, Estate Administration, and Estate Litigation are all areas of law where our Sydney law practice has experience. We also offer a complete range of notarial services, such as Apostille and Authentification. The practice areas of our law company reflect the diverse skills of our lawyers, who are united by a single goal: to help our customers achieve their objectives and receive the finest quality legal services possible.

Our mission is to give you with quick and cost-effective competent and professional service. In our service to you, we strive to be friendly, courteous, and approachable.

Our office is located in Ashfield, a Sydney suburb.

Sydney Lawyers at Darlinghurst

Darlinghurst Lawyers is a Sydney-based law firm with over 40 years of experience, personal service, and affordable rates.

Darlinghurst Lawyers is a small law practise based in Darlinghurst that also offers consultations in Sydney’s CBD.

Jennifer Pierno, our principal solicitor, has been practising law for almost forty years. We provide personalised service at an affordable price. Our working hours are adaptable. Our fixed price quotes are guaranteed. We are conveniently positioned in the Sydney CBD and Darlinghurst, and can provide consultations in either location.

Sydney Solicitors at Day Legal

Day Legal specialises in real estate law and conveyancing. Day Legal has been providing high-quality legal assistance to house buyers and sellers, real estate investors, property developers, families, and investment trusts for more than 25 years.

We are excited to collaborate with you.

Day Legal has been providing professional legal assistance to a diverse group of clients for over 25 years, including property developers, purchasers and sellers, commercial investors, families, and investment trusts.

More than 10,000 residential sales, 10,000 residential acquisitions, and 8,000 off-the-plan transactions have been performed successfully. We understand the pressures of purchasing and selling real estate.

A conveyance is a significant investment, maybe equal to your whole life savings. There is no such thing as a “standard conveyance,” according to our experience.

It makes sense to have the best individuals available working for you when making such a significant investment. Day Legal is prefered by our valued clientele because of this.

Sydney Solicitors at CM Lawyers

We’re a Sydney law company based in Marrickville, in Sydney’s inner-west. We are a general law firm that handles a wide range of legal issues, including family law, criminal law, construction law, real estate law, probates, and wills and estates. We also have a dedicated conveyancing staff. So you can get assistance with buying or selling a home, a business, or off-the-plan purchases. Our team has over 20 years of expertise under the CM Lawyers banner and can provide you with professional legal advice and representation.

Our team of Sydney solicitors can assist you whether you require a criminal lawyer, a family lawyer, or a conveyancing expert. Christine Manolakos, our principal solicitor, has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of family, property, criminal, and construction law.

From divorce mediation to court appearances, Christine and her legal team provide knowledge of the NSW legal landscape as well as an awareness of Sydney’s law companies and courts to every case.

Because we’re a small organisation, you can rest assured that you’ll always have committed personnel to answer your queries. However, our size does not limit us. Our lawyers have worked in both large and small firms and understand how they function. As a result, we always arrive with a game plan and a strategy.

Because we’re a smaller firm, you’ll always know who’s working on your case and how to reach them in an emergency. Contact us immediately if you require prompt criminal defence, a divorce counsel who will always act in your best interests, or a construction law professional you can count on.

Sydney Solicitors at Craddock Murray Neaumann

Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers Pty Ltd Sydney, founded in 1987, is a mid-sized Sydney CBD law practice with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

We represent individual clients, the “Big End of Town,” and the Commonwealth and NSW governments, among others.

With strong ties to volunteer Community Legal Centres across Sydney, we have a long history of assisting people who have trouble finding lawyers.

Commercial/business law, family/relationships law, estates and wills, property, tax law, debt collection, insolvency, defamation, immigration, health and medical law, negligence and damages claims, administrative (government) law, employment/industrial law, intellectual property, criminal law, insurance disputes, building disputes, trusts and contracts are all areas in which we can help.

We are big enough to offer a wide range of legal services, but small enough to care as Sydney lawyers with a well-resourced office.

We strive to be practical, astute, skilled, reliable, forceful, efficient, responsive, resourceful, inventive, and approachable – and to charge reasonable rates.

Sydney Solicitors at Goldbergs Lawyers

Goldbergs has represented a wide range of clients in instances including constitutional law, personal injury, estoppel, will disputes, family provision claims, breach of contract, workers compensation, trade practises, income tax, workers compensation, insurance policy coverage, and criminal law.

We take a compassionate and practical approach to dealing with clients.

Our team has extensive experience defending both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide range of litigated situations, but our services extend far beyond courtroom proceedings. We represent clients in the sale and purchase of land (conveyancing), the leasing of properties, the purchase and sale of enterprises and corporations, the drafting of wills, the administration of estates, and the drafting of contracts ranging from board constitutions to supply and agency agreements.

We also assist families in dealing with difficult and stressful situations.

You can look through our areas of expertise in this section to see which ones apply to your situation, and then contact one of our lawyers to discuss your issue or requirements.

We consider each customer as an individual, working with you to define desired goals and then moving forwards in a timely manner, avoiding costly and stressful activities whenever possible.

Sydney Solicitors at Harbourside Commercial Lawyers

There are many things to research while migrating to a new nation, and making the decision is not easy. Immigration law is a dynamic and complicated area of the law. That is why you want the services of an experienced immigration lawyer who can help you through the process. Make sure you have the information and help you need to make informed decisions about your immigration situation. For the most part, we offer fixed-price services and strive to provide our clients with a 48-hour turnaround.

We are not merely a group of lawyers at Harbourside Legal Immigration Lawyers. If you choose us, you will have access to a team of Sydney’s top immigration lawyers.

We can help with all aspects of immigration and visas, including reviewing visa refusals and dealing with de facto or partner visas. We have two Accredited Immigration Law Specialists on staff. We take on and frequently win matters that most other firms will not take on due to their difficulty. Tribunal Appeals, Visa Cancellations, Ministerial Intervention Applications, and Federal Court Appeals are among our specialities.

Sydney’s Harbourside Commercial Lawyers can help with a wide range of business, corporate, and industrial legal issues. Harbourside Commercial Lawyers Sydney can help you with all elements of your legal problem. Sydney commercial lawyers Harbourside Commercial Lawyers

Get help from our Harry Quinn