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Family law issues can become very complex very quickly. Seeking prompt legal advice from our Newcastle Family Lawyers can help you get a better sense of the road map ahead.

At Harry Quinn, we can assist you in a wide range of family law matters, including separation, divorce, property settlements, parenting and children’s matters and binding financial agreements.

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Initial Advice from our Newcastle Family Lawyers Can Change Everything

During the early stages of separation, people can often make wrong decisions that later have an adverse impact on their family law matter. Seeking initial advice from our family lawyers will hold you in good stead now and into the future.

What to Bring to Your First Appointment with Newcastle Family Lawyers

What can be useful at your first meeting with one of our lawyers is information relating to your current financial situation. Things like bank statements from both individual and joint accounts can assist. But don’t worry if you cannot provide this information.

Get Some Fee Certainty

The last thing you need is to be spending years with your family lawyer. At Harry Quinn, we are focused on early resolution. We can also discuss with you a range of fee options, including both fixed fees and deferred fee arrangements.

Separation & Divorce

No couple contemplates in the early stages of their relationship that it may come to an end. Approximately 40% of all marriages will fail. Importantly, it’s the next steps following a relationship breakdown that are most crucial. The sooner you can reach an agreement with your ex-partner on the matters in dispute, the better. Family law disputes often get worse the longer they linger.

Talk to our lawyers today about how we can help you reach an early resolution.

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Property Settlements

Financial security following a relationship break down, particularly when there are children is incredibly important. Our Newcastle Family Lawyers recommend that you seek to settle matters relating to property soon after separation. This will provide you and your children and of course, ex-partner the ability to move on more promptly.

We can help you and your ex-partner resolve matters relating to property.

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Parenting & Children’s Disputes

Enduring a separation is an emotional and stressful time for everyone involved, particularly children. It is important that while you and your spouse separate, that your children are considered. Most importantly, your children should live in a safe environment, free from violence or abuse and continue to see and maintain a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Our Canberra Family Lawyers can guide you throughout your parenting and children dispute and will provide you with the appropriate advice to ensure your children are looked after.

If you and your former spouse cannot mutually agree on a parenting arrangement, the judge will make final decision which will be based fundamentally on the best interests of the child.

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Agreements & Orders

The name of the game is all about “agreement.” The sooner you and your ex-partner can agree on a resolution of those matters in dispute, the sooner you can move on with your life. Notwithstanding this, the longer you and your ex-partner are embroidered in dispute, the more expensive it is and more emotionally draining.

We can assist you and your ex-partner with agreements relating to a wide range of family law matters, including property, parenting, child support and spousal support.

We can also assist with binding financial agreements (prenups).

Agreements & Orders


At Harry Quinn, we are big proponents of mediation. Mediation is an effective way of resolving family law disputes very quickly and without the legal fees usually associated with family law matters.

Talk to our family lawyers today about how we can help with mediation.

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Child Support

In family law matters, disputes regarding the children are common. Like other matters relating to family law, the sooner you resolve them the better.

We can help you today with all types of children’s matters.

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Newcastle Family Lawyers Questions, Answered

How Long Do Family Law Matters Take to Resolve

The answer to this question largely depends on whether you and your ex-partner are willing and ready to resolve those matters in dispute quickly. Some family law matters can be resolved in weeks, others can take years, largely because the couple are in significant conflict and are waiting for a court to make a determination. The current wait time in family courts is approximately 3 years. Hence you are far better-resolving family law matters without court intervention.

How Much Do Family Law Matters Cost

Family law can be expensive. As you’re probably aware, family lawyers aren’t cheap and you should always use them sparingly. Our Newcastle Family Lawyers are resolution-focussed and will encourage you and your ex-partner at every juncture to settle the issues in dispute promptly.

How Does Newcastle Family Lawyers Charge?

we offer a number of fee arrangements including, pay as you go, fixed fees and deferred fees.

Talk to our Newcastle lawyers about your individual circumstance.

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